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Guide to Patio Laying Costs

 question we have a lot of the time is how much is a new patio going to cost. The common misconception people make is thinking the stone or paving is going to be the most expensive part of the patio. On this page we are going to look into how much it costs to renovate your patio. We are going to look at labour, material and aftercare. We are also going to look into the different costs involved with where you are located in the country.



The first thing we are going to look at is labour costs. All tradesmen use a simple method of working out how much a job will cost.

Cost of Total Tradesmen Man-Days + Cost of Total Labourer Man-Days + Cost of Materials = Price of Job

This gives you an inside look as how jobs are worked out and also a perfect way of knowing yourself how much they should be charging. Lets look at an example.


Example Job

Tradesmen Man-Days (2days at £160) £320 + Labourer Man-Days (2days at £100) £200 + Materials £200 = £720

Tradesmen and labourers all charge different amounts depending where you are in the country this is based on skill level, experience and amount of tradesmen in a given area most of the time. There are obviously cowboys in the building and landscaping world but for every one of them there are hundreds of hard working individuals doing there best to make a living.

From experience we recommend to research the tradesmen in your area to know that someone is definitely going to do the work to the level that you want and for the right price. One man tradesmen will mostly be cheaper than a firm but a firm may well give you peace of mind. One of the factors to think about is the closer to London you get the more expensive the tradesmen and labours will cost due to the living costs associated with London.

Kandla Grey Circle 1.7m 


A misconception we usually find is people believing that the materials will cost more than the labour. Materials usually cost only 20% of the whole total and this is coming straight from Marshalls one of the biggest garden and material supplier there is, they state.

“In their experience 80% of the installation cost is labour so buying the best quality product will not significantly increase the cost of your project”

While we agree that most of the cost is labour buying the best material still isn't the best choice for everyone. Most people still have a budget on what they can spend on the patio and we can help in that regard. We have a wide range of stone and prices to suit everyone even some premium stone products that we import ourselves.

If you are trying to get material cost down to 15% and are wanting a natural stone finish our range of Indian and Chinese stones are the best place to start. We import these ourselves so can save money on not selling to retailer. Our range can be found by clicking the below link:

Imported Indian and Chinese Stone Paving





“Should I seal my patio?” A question I get asked on a daily basis and one that doesn't have a simple answer. Your patio is designed to be outdoors and take a bit of weathering but this is never a permanent solution it will fade and weather. Yes the patio will still be there in 5 years most of the time but will it look the same as when you bought it?

We do advise sealing your patio as it protects it, makes it easier to clean and keeps it looking new. Unfortunately this does cost money and a bit of time to look after. The initial sealing can be costly for the man hours and the materials but will probably save you in the long run as you wont need to buy a new patio or want to replace it due to it weathering. When sealed cleaning a patio is usually much easier to do as none of the stains can soak in.


Final Thoughts

We have looked at each point individually now to look at it as a whole. As with any project doing research into it really helps you plan out what you are going to do. Making a budget that is reasonable and allows for the 80-20 split in terms of labour and materials with an extra cost of aftercare as a final thought. Hopefully after this you will have got more of an insight into laying a patio and more ideas on how much it will cost.