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Permeable Paving – Driving For Sustainability With A Sustainable Driveway

Permeable paving has emerged as one of the key technologies within the paving marketplace, it has been named as one of the key pieces of tech behind SUDS – sustainable urban drainage systems, but what exactly does that mean; why is it so important; and what option is right for your project? We here at LSD aim to provide a beginners guide and clean up some of the jargon.

What are 'SUDS'?

It's becoming increasingly difficult in recent years, to read anything about any aspect of paving and landscaping design and without involving the umbrella term SUDS. And while we don't mean soap suds we are in a sense talking about cleaning up. SUDS are a series of methods that deal with drainage with sustainability at the heart of it. Simply put it looks at how we deal with the surface run-off, grey water, effluent and sewage we produce. It has become increasingly important when considering development in urban and suburban areas as these areas see 70-95% surface run off whereas more open areas naturally absorb the majority of this surface run off. SUDS aim to mimic the natural process before we came along with our pavements.

The diagram below is a cross section of a typical permeable pavement

SUDS Diagram 

But why does this matter to my drive?

As you will have seen in the UK the recent severe weather and flooding show where our drainage systems are struggling to keep up with the ever increasing population and this looks set to continue in the future. Because of this severe flooding the government have introduced two notable pieces of legislation which call for careful consideration when creating hard landscaped areas for parking vehicle. This essentially means that you will need planning permission if you are thinking of a new garden or driveway. More information on this can be found at www.communities.gov.uk.

Permeable paving

Permeable paving seems set to dominate the paving trade in years to come and are becoming a go-to option for many when laying a driveway. This is in no doubt due to their cost effectiveness, when compared to more traditional collection and dispersal systems, as well as this they offer environmental advantages to boot.

What are the benefits?

  1. - Reduces risk of flooding
  2. - Reduces pollution found in run off water
  3. - Recharging of groundwater regimes and aquifers
  4. - Reduced construction and maintenance costs
  5. - Meet government legislation if laid correctly
  6. - No need for extra drainage system
  7. - Doesn't require planning permission

But how do they work?

Permeable pavements counter the norms of modular paving and as such the materials which are used in construction are not the usual fare to the extent that all 4 key elements ( blocks, jointing, laying course and sub-base) all differ to conventional block paving. The big focus is allowing a process called Attenuation to occur, this essentially means to slow down the the surface water that would be sped up with conventional block paving. This process is achieved by allowing the ground to absorb, store and slowly release collected water.

What's on the market?

Naturally many companies have developed permeable paving options. Stonemarket have their patented Permeapave range, a cost effective permeable block paving system. Available in 3 of the most popular colours charcoal, brindle and burnt ochre and one size makes this an ideal option for domestic driveways. Rio Permeapave offers a permeable alternative to the popular Rio range, lending its contemporary textured finish this option brings with it a very modern ambience to any driveway. Available in 3 grey tones (silver, grey and carbon) giving you a driveway that blends design and sustainability perfectly. Trident Permeapave updates the popular and proven Trident product by making it a sustainable alternative and one that complies with government legislation. Using an attractive and unique textured coming in a maple colour which can find itself at home with traditional properties yet can still blend within a modern setting.


Pictured: Stonemarket Rio Permeapave in silver (Hover over Stonemarket Trident Permeapave in maple)

Marshalls have developed their Priora range consisting of 3 variations of patented design all of which if laid correctly don't require planning permission. The Drivesett Argent Priora allows you to achieve a contemporary and sleek granite-look while still having the practical and environmental benefits mentioned before, coming in 3 shades (Graphite, Light and Grey) allowing you to truly combine a modern aesthetic and function together. For a more time-worn look opt for The Drivesett Tegula Priora utilising the same look as Marshalls already popular Tegula paving but with all the benefits of being environmentally friendly its set to be just as popular as the range that inspired it. Similarly Driveline Priora adds a modern, sustainable twist to a Marshall's classic. Taking the Classic 200x100 format and 6 colours available in the market leading Driveline 50 range and bringing it forward with a new environmentally friendly design.

Bradstone Offer the Infilta range which offers two variations: Driveway Infilta aims to blend practicality and style to any driveway. Coming in a range of 4 popular colours (Charcoal, Brindle, Autumn and Red) it will blend into your driveway while also meeting the legislations set. Woburn Rumbled Infilta adds a distinctive charm and character look while also making use of the patented Infilta design ensuring a sustainable yet stylish driveway.

Woburn rumbled Infilta in Graphite

Pictured: Bradstone Woburn Rumbled Infilta in Graphite

Final Thoughts

Well that about sums up permeable paving. Based on the governments push for a more sustainable future it seems like permeable paving will be a mainstay in the industry for years to come. Hopefully, for the time being at least, we have given you a clearer insight into the often confusing and technical world of permeable paving. And may have even inspired you to consider a more sustainable option, like the ones above, when planning your next driveway. Like what you see, or just have any further questions? Feel free to contact our sales team who are always keen to help on 01142310911 or go to https://lsd.co.uk/


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