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So, your patio is finally taking shape. You've finally selected the perfect paving slabs, you've planned the design, and now it's time to lay down your ideal patio. You probably thought all the significant decisions were behind you. Yet there are one or two decisions left that are guaranteed to take your garden to the next level. 

Jointing Compound

The jointing compound has become a necessity when laying any paving. Using a high-quality jointing compound eliminates freeze-thaw cracking during winter months. We offer a wide range of products, each suited to different projects. 

Rompox Easy

Rompox Easy is pretty much as its name suggests. Perfect for use on all types of natural stone and concrete paving. Rompox can permanently fix the joints between paving slabs, just by being brushed in. This cuts out the hassle typically associated with grouting. Rompox Easy is an eco-friendly solution that offers resistance to frost, ice, salt, weeds, and abrasions. Available in 3 colour choices; Buff, Stone Grey, and Basalt. Rompox provides the perfect match for any project. Rompox Easy is designed for use on pedestrian and low traffic areas only.

RompoxEasyrompoxeasy2Rompox D1 

For heavily trafficked areas, Rompox D1 is the answer. The two-part epoxy resin fixing mortar is purposefully designed for areas with high levels of footfall and vehicle access. Rompox D1 is the ideal choice for porcelain paving as it utilizes a much smaller grain. D1 is available in 3 popular colours to suit any needs. 


Once the paving is laid, it's crucial to keep it looking its best, especially with the stereotypical British weather. That's where our range of paving sealants come in handy. Believe it or not, choosing a sealant can be as important a choice as the paving itself. We have a wide range of different options for varying projects and budgets. 

Everbuild Geofix

Geofix is an ideal option for those working on a budget. Utilizing an advanced Fluro-Resin formula, it has been specifically designed to provide long-lasting protection to natural stone. It protects stone and paving from staining from most liquids including; oil, petrol, and water, while also preventing damage from water penetration and erosion. On top of this, Geofix dries completely invisible, so the natural look and feel are not altered.


Lithofin Stain Stop

Stain Stop offers invisible protection against staining and makes maintaining natural stone much simpler. It achieves this by penetrating the surface and coating the capillaries with an extremely sleek, invisible film. As well as outdoor paving areas and patios, Stain Stop is perfect for use on wall and floor surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as on tabletops, window sills, and other sensitive surfaces.

Lithofin Colour Intensifier

The Colour Intensifier from Lithofin is a fantastic option for those looking to elevate the colouring of their natural stone paving. When applied surfaces adopt a 'wet look' which enhances the colour leaving a more vibrant and fresh feel all without producing a gloss. It also keeps your paving water repellent by penetrating the surface of the stone.

Cleaning Products

We understand, no one likes cleaning. But there are products out there that take away all the unneeded hassle that comes with the dreaded spring clean. 

Lithofin Algex

Specifically designed to remove dirt and soiling caused by plants as well as slippery green deposits. Algex is ideal for any outdoor area Terraces, staircases, walls, patios, decking. It also has a preventative effect, keeping surfaces clear of new green deposits for up to one year. Meaning a fresher looking patio for longer. 

Lithofin Rust-ex

Rust-EX is a highly concentrated product designed to remove difficult rust stains from limestone, marble, travertine, and sandstone but can be used on all patios. 

Lithofin Power Clean

Lithofin Power-Clean is specially made for thorough cleaning in case of severe general and greasy dirt. For regular cleaning of high-traffic and outdoor areas such as shopping centers and food courts. For final cleaning of new surfaces at building sites. This product is recommended for all types of natural stone, but especially for polished marble and limestone.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 18:12:54 Europe/London By Stephen Gibbs

Porcelain Paving Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Porcelain paving has been a popular option for designers and landcapers alike since its introduction to the paving market in 2015. We here at LSD agree that it is a fantastic alternative to other paving materials, due to its many benefits such as its durability, low water absorption and high performance. For more details on porcelain paving check out our previous post. 

Of all the benefits that are associated with porcelain paving it does leave you wondering are there any downsides? Well typically, traditional porcelain paving can be more difficult to lay due to the need for a slurry primer in order to fix the paving to a mortar bed. Stonemarkets new range has been designed to combat that extra step. 

Introducing Stonemarkets New Una Paving

The Una range is a new innovative take on the increasingly popular porcelain paving trend. Stonemarket has managed to combine the durability and high performance of porcelain with the easy to lay nature of traditional concrete slabs. This is achieved by bonding a 10mm porcelain tile to a 30mm concrete backing, this concrete once laid is completely concealed meaning there is no compromise on detail. The extra concrete backing allows for much easier installations as the slabs can now be laid on a flexible sand bed, no mortar needed. 

Whats more Una is available in 4 styles which allow you to add the benefits of porcelain to any project. 

Una Classic

The Una Classic range is just that, classic colours specifically selected to fit both a traditional and contemporary design. The design details within the porcelain as well as the slab size have been selected specifically to ensure these slabs would look at home in any project. Available in Stone Light Grey, Stone Dark Grey and Stone Black. 

UnaNaturalStoneGrey(Pictured:Una Classic Stone Light Grey)

Una Natural 

Una Natural draws its design inspiration from the aesthetics of beautiful natural stone. This is an option that for the first time combines the beauty of natural stone, the durability of porcelain and the ease of installation found in concrete slabs. This all possible thanks to the unique composition of Una slabs. Una Natural is available in three cooling shades of grey named Mist, Haze and Thunder as well as two slab sizes. 

UnaNaturalMist(Pictured:Una Natural Mist)

Una Urban

For those looking for a more modern design, Una Urban is a great choice. Utilizing a larger 800 x 800 tile size allows you to create a much more contemporary finish that would look perfect in more industrial style properties. Una Urban is offered in 4 purposefully chosen minimalistic shades, Asphalt, Smoke, Sandstorm and Putty. 

UnaUrbanPutty(Pictured:Una Urban Putty)

Una Plank

As the name suggests the unique design of the Una Plank range mimics that of real timber. This allows you to achieve a timber deck but with much easier installation and none of the demanding maintenance found with real timber. The realistic wooden design and mixture of colours create a seamless blend that can link internal and external areas stunningly. Available in 3 real wood-inspired colours Wychwood, Charnwood and Sherwood all of which add a stunning homely feel to any project. 

UnaPlankCharnwood(Pictured:Una Plank Charnwood)

Porcelain For Your Driveway?

Typically speaking when it comes to picking the right material for your driveway porcelain would be out of the question. Although porcelain is durable and hardwearing, slabs have been typically too thin to use on a driveway. As discussed in our previous post on driveways, block paving is the typical option, yet this can limit design choices due to the smaller tiles as well as being much more time consuming to lay.  

Una Drive is Stonemarkets game-changing solution, now you can reap the aesthetic benefits of larger format slabs but with the added durability of the concrete bonded backs. Una Drive utilizes a 50mm thick concrete backing with a 10mm porcelain tile. The larger tiles are available in two contemporary shades of grey and charcoal which have been selected specifically for the most modern look on the market. Not only do they look stunning but they are seriously easy to install as they can be laid on a flexible sand bed and jointed with kiln dried sand, all without the usual hassle of a priming slurry. 

UnaDrive(Pictured:Una Drive Grey)

We think the Una range will be the first of many exciting new innovations in porcelain paving. Keep an eye on our socials for more information and introductory offers. 

Any Questions? Feel free to call 01142310911 to chat with our team. 

Friday, 7 February 2020 12:53:46 Europe/London By Stephen Gibbs
This is a question that we’re asked often. We here at LSD would recommend that you use block paving on your driveway. Block paving is specifically designed with durability in mind and for vehicles to run over. Not only that but it gives a very attractive, modern look.Read More
Tuesday, 1 October 2019 18:13:14 Europe/London By Stephen Gibbs Block paving, driveway, advice, landscaping, block, paving,

An Introduction to Permeable Paving and Sustainable Driveways

Permeable paving has emerged as one of the key technologies within the paving marketplace, it has been named as one of the key pieces of tech behind SUDS – sustainable urban drainage systems, but what exactly does that mean; why is it so important; and what option is right for your project? We here at LSD aim to provide a beginners guide and clean up some of the jargon.

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Its that time of year again when Stonemarket show their creative side and wow us all with their forward thinking and innovative new products for the new year.... enjoy!Read More
Wednesday, 20 December 2017 16:26:45 Europe/London By LSD Admin

Let's Talk About Porcelain

For many the word porcelain is associated with ornaments, crockery and tableware. However, in 2015 a new type of paving began to arrive on the market. This year the leading manufacturers within the industry started to take note of the benefits of porcelain paving and initiated intense marketing campaigns focusing on a wide range of porcelain products.

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Friday, 15 September 2017 12:28:00 Europe/London By LSD Admin porcelain, paving, ceramic, vitrified, 20mm, outdoor,

Long before the beautifully toned Indian sandstone and limestone takes pride of place in your garden, creating a focal point worthy of talking about, it embarks on an arduous journey through the mines, processing plants and across land and sea.

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Unless you have been living under a rock since 22nd of June 2016 you will be fully aware of Brexit, albeit slightly less aware of what this means for UK citizens, businesses and more specifically the landscaping industry. In this blog post I will give a brief explanation of what has happened to the economy following the referendum and outline the effects of Brexit on the industry.

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