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Refurbishing Your Patio - A Simple Guide

A customer bought their Indian charcoal limestone paving from us in 1999.   To quote the customer, they "havn't even touched it with a brush".   They dont want to lay a new patio, so came back to LSD for some advice.  Unfortunately they never used a joiting compound and just left if for dirt to fall into the joints.  We therefore gave them the following ideas and in return they took some photos and wore some of our shirts!


1. Sweep off any debris of the surface.

2. Move any tables and chairs out of the way.

3. Pressure wash down the surface and joints.

4. Wait a bit, for the water to drain away and redo.  Stubbon stains will take a bit of shifting.

5. Pour on Rompox Easy Jointing Mortar, stone grey in colour.

6. Brush into the joints.

7. Using a hose pipe with sprinkler function wet the slabs again, this should allow the Rompox to compact more.

8. Brush more Rompox into any gaps in the joints that appear.

9. Wet again with the hose pipe sprinkler.

10. Use a pointing tool to give a nice rounded joint along the Rompox.

11. Leave it and let it dry (Ignore the Oily residue, this will disappear after a few good rain showers)


Very soon we will seal this patio to try to revive the colours.